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    Im very new to this and a little embarassed to just let people I dont know into my life like this. I have been taking percocet off and on for about 2 maybe 2 1/2 years now. Not for pain. It started out of curiosity then because it was fun I never considered myself an addict till recently. I recently have seen a change in myself and have begun to notice other people noticing a difference in me. I dont like it and want to become my old self. About 5-6 months ago I told myself I needed to quit. I’m spending to much money I could lose my house or even worse my beautiful wife. Who I have hid this from the whole time. Hell I hid it from everybody except my dealer really. Anyways I decided I needed to stop. I would go 2-3 days then I would go get em do 4-6 10/325 a day for 3-5 days then stop again for a couple. Then for some reason I didnt stop for like 3 weeks. Every day 2-6 percs 10s. About 3 weeks ago I settled down and said I was gonna quit. Again I went 2 days but the 3rd I had to get some. Then I did em everyday up until last Sunday at about 7pm. That was the last pill I did. It has been almost 48 hours. Im really proud of myself but its really sucking. Ive found that pot helps. Im sorry thats one thing I will never give up. Ive tried changing my nutrition from drinking energy drinks and soda to green tea. I have been taking some vitamins such as green tea extract and a herb that is supposedly natural energy. Basically my own detox session. I want to get this out of my system as quickly as possible. Physically I feel fine. Ive heard I should feel pain but I haven’t I don’t know if that means I am lucky or if thats beacause I didnt take them for pain in the first place. It seems to all be mental for me. Talking seems to help the most. Counselour, close friends, Being able to share with my wife that I have a problem was a huge wieght lifted from my shoulders. Last night was bad. I had to go to a bday/engagment party and before hand I wanted one so bad. I was worried as hell that I would freak out in the restraunt so I took the smallest piece of xanex that is humanly possible. It helped! It didnt take away the urge all the way by any means but it took that feeny feel away. I spoke to a counselour and they said that it would help but he prefer I get it in a legal matter and take it only as a last resort and I need to be very careful because they are addictive also. I feel as though Im being a ***** about this. were I was only taking 40- 50 mg a day alot of stories I read are of people taking 100- 150mg a day but it seems mentally they feel the same as me. I will admit today has been ok. Keeping myself busy is helping Im sorry for blabbing but if anyone has any tips for me please please reply.

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