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    I am definitely an alcoholic…there is no doubt about that in my mind.

    Just about everyone I’ve met in AA have other alcoholics in their family, especially a parent or siblings. I’ve also read a lot of research that basically concludes that alcoholism has a very strong genetic component.

    As for me, there is NO alcoholism in my family. My mom rarely drinks because she doesn’t like the taste or the way it makes her feel. My dad is a light to moderate drinker, as are my sisters. Same things with my aunts or uncles.

    I’ve asked my parents about their parents and their aunts and uncles about any problems they may have with alcohol. They were all light drinkers.

    So….I guess I just drank myself into this disease.

    Is there anyone else out their who is an alcoholic who has no alcoholism/addiction in their family?

    Thanks in advance,

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