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    I’m fully aware I’m an alcoholic and currently not in recovery. But something happened that scared me enough to know I need to quit again.

    But first, I’d like to understand what exactly happened. I’ve experienced blackouts before but am wondering if anyone’s ever experienced this particular type.

    I’ve researched and learned there are two types: “Complete” (En Bloc) where you don’t remember anything from a certain point on while drinking. And “Partial” (Fragmentary) where you forget things but can remember after being reminded. I got these definitions off the NIAAA site. I’ve experienced both. But never what I’m about to explain.

    Sat nite, I was drinking moderately, not to get drunk. In the course of an hour in the middle of the evening, I tried calling one friend 3 times back to back (leaving no msg), called my cell phone co. 2 times, and then an hour later, called another friend & apparently left a 1½ min. VM. But I don’t remember making ANY of those calls.

    I do, however, remember what I did the rest of that night. A few hours later, I posted a very coherent msg. on my cell phone msg. board. The next morning (Sunday), I clearly remembered doing that because I woke up and checked to see if I got an answer. And obviously I wasn’t “drunk” because it made sense and had no typos (I’m fully aware of what my “drunk-typing’ looks like). So I had not reached the point of drunkenness.

    It wasn’t until the next day (Monday) that I happened to check my phone call log and found that I’d made those calls. Yet I had no memory of doing so whatsoever. It really scared me since it was in the MIDDLE of the evening.

    In other words, I started drinking & remember doing stuff, then blacked out for an hour, then ‘came back to reality’ and remember the rest of the evening & going to bed.

    I even called the friend I’d left the VM for, embarrassed, and asked had I called her. She said I left a very coherent VM, just catching her up with what’s been going on. I asked did I sound drunk and she said no.

    So my concern is – in a way, this sounds like a partial blackout – but I don’t feel it can be defined as such since even after my friend told me what all I’d said, it did not make me remember like the definition describes (also called a brownout). And neither did me seeing that I’d made those calls make me remember. The whole hour is a complete blank.

    Has anyone else ever experienced something like this – losing time in the middle of drinking but then going on to function normally?

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