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    has anyone tried this program? It’s not just for alcoholism. Website says it basically uses God as the higher power (which I do too)




    Personally….I have not checked it out.
    Been happily AA sober before it was founded.
    You might want to check out our 12 Step National Meetings Forum
    Christians in Recovery perhaps they have info.

    We have the website posted here
    under Recovery Programs It’s a sticky post.

    .Another Christian recovery site:

    If you are using it…please let us know how
    it’s working for you.



    I’ve been to some AA and Alanon meetings. I also practice WFS, but thinking of going to a CR meeting too to see what it’s all about. Whatever works!



    🙂 Certainly…Best of Luck!


    CR is a program put together by Rick Warren of Saddleback Church. He is the same guy that wrote the book…Purpose Driven Life.

    CR is based on the 12 steps but bringing them back to a God centered point of view where AA has gone to a more secular understanding (God as each person understands or accepts as a HP)

    Alcoholics Victorious is another Christian based program that has taken the 12 steps back into a God centered point of view.
    I have not been to either but I do hear good things about them both. (Maybe I should see what Friday night is like so I can give better feedback)


    Yeh Best, and anyone else out there who may be interested, check it out…. (o: I think y’all will like it.

    I attend Lakewood Church here in Houston, and we have Celebrate Recovery….big meeting on Friday night, and step studies throughout the week…..

    Yes, it is based on the 12-Steps, but also relates the steps to Scripture, specifically to the Beatitudes…..very cool

    DOS: 6/23/86

    and…..P.S. …since Celebrate Recovery, like Alcoholics Victorious, is a Christ-based recovery program, it doesn’t soley use God, as understood from the Bible, as HP; it specifically uses Jesus Christ as one’s Higher Power……just thought I’d add that li’ll clarification….. (o:


    Hi Noelle!

    I love Lakewood! Haven’t been to it since it moved to the Summit but used to love going to the old one. Love Joel! I didn’t know they did Celebrate Recovery. I go to AA but will keep that in mind in case anyone I know wants to check out CR.

    Kellye C.


    Check it out and please share what you find, I have found recovery in AA, but AA is not for everyone so the more avenues of recovery folks see here the better thier chances are of finding a program that works for them.

    specifically to the Beatitudes

    Which are WAYYYY better than the bedevilements. 😉

    I have the Life Recovery Bible ( a Gift from a Chrisitain Friend) and I’ve been reading it. It’s similair , I would think , to CR.

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