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    I’m asking because I think it’s a mentality I’ve had that needs to be shot down.

    Years ago I didn’t think that way. I started dating this guy and we were coming home from dinner on a Saturday night and he said, “Look at all these people about to go out. It’s only 9 PM and we are going home. We are losers.” And I thought, “Good God grow up. How immature.”

    Years later and getting drunk everyday without a break…I felt the same way. Especially on the weekends.

    When I decided to sober up, I had this realization that I was thinking that way. I don’t know how it started. Was it me…was it from being around him…was it being around his partying friends…or other partiers? I don’t know. But I realized that that needed to change. I’ve been feeling pretty good. I stay in every weekend and do things for myself that I like. I’ve really been enjoying and it’s calm and great.

    Except over the weekend there was a Christmas party downtown where everyone dresses like a Christmas character and barhops. Last year I went and got blasted and blacked out. I lay in bed Saturday night remembering it was going on and thought, “Oh man! I’m missing it! I’m a loser.”

    Anyone else ever have that mentality??

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