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    Does anyone have any experience or insight with an alocholic,part time drug partier and steroid user?

    Know someone who were pretty sure has been at least experimented with performance enhancing drug or PEDs. His progess in the weight room seems a little quick along with changes in body type. He seems to know a little too much about them including the dosages,especially the doses. At first I thought he was throwing the specific names of steroids around to show off how much he knows about them but he’ll go into detail about the dosages and their non sports affects. He keeps on harping steroids about recovery. And this from a person who apparently doesn’t do this type of research on stuff like vitamins or medications a doctor might prescribe.

    He has drastic mood swings and changes in energy level. Already had a nasty temper which is now violent temper. I think the PEDs are giving him a false sense of security about his alcohol use. He recently has started talking about human growth hormone in detail unsolicited. I think these PEDs can be just as addicting and dangerous as other drugs.

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