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    So, I have made the decision to ease off of my ritalin to slowly get them out of my system and find alternate medicine (though remaining on anti depressants, I was re-diagnosed with Bipolar II when I found a new psychiatrist) to boost my energy in a healthy manner. I had posted for a while previously regarding my addiction to ritalin, but I was shaky and did not know if it was a decision I was ready to make. I appologize for vanishing.

    So, I am currently using clove oil and lavendar oil for different things in the form of aroma therapy. They tend to help adjust my mood to levels that differ in appropriateness to what I am trying to do. If I want to relax, I use the lavendar, and when I want to focus on art or something, I use the clove oil.

    I still am not sure about all the different oils, so what would you guys suggest?

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