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    I hardly know where to start… those of you following along know that I live with a bipolar husband who rides the rollercoaster like a pro. Well- the arguments have been escalating lately, we are likely going to have to file bankruptcy, and our calendar is not as full as it needs to be to pay the bills. I humbly accept that a lot of this is my fault… but that doesn’t make the fallout any easier, or bring one less tear.

    He’s been sleeping on the couch and avoiding me. I’m terrified he’s going to leave… especially if it’s something I could have prevented and in many ways I could have. I have apologized several times without reminding him of his place in the mistakes we’ve made. I’m just terrified, lonely, scared, depressed, tearful, freaking out, apprehensive,

    but sober. Amazingly. Thank you God and everyone who’s ever prayed for me…

    I admit freely I’m pretty needy right now. Advice, prayers, virtual hugs will all be gratefully received.

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