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    I had a looong post earlier and it got lost! I didn’t copy before hitting send! I know better!!

    One week ago!! Last night (Sunday) we celebrated. I was humbled by the turn out there! We have a very small group, but I travel to other meetings and they surprised me and came to help celebrate! It’s still tough at times. Still have the desire, but the obsession doesn’t hit quite so hard anymore nor so often. That balance with my emotions and feelings are still all over the map, but that’s getting better, too.

    I’m deep into NA service work. I hold a trusted servant position (G12 Step National Meetings), go to all kinds of outside meetings, do service work in a lot of ways, work the Steps with a great sponsor (even though she lives over an hour away), and still don’t know sh!t! I learn more all the time, but it seems like the more I learn the less I know…

    I DO know the conventions rock!! Went to one in Nashville this weekend if I’m meant to get to Memphis for their convention over Thanksgiving then I’ll be there, too. Everyone should go to at LEAST one!

    I don’t post here often anymore. I just run out of time for getting online period. First time in a week I’ve even been on. Work and meetings keep my going. Trying to find that balance between NA, work and family. This is where I got my start in living clean and finding the rooms of NA. It seems like I’ve lost contact with all my 12 Step National Meetings friends from the beginning. I still needed to post this here.

    Anyway – thanks to 12 Step National Meetings first and the suggestion of finding an NA meeting (which I swore I didn’t need a 12-Step program in the beginning) – I am living clean today… ;D

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