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    I was in a “spiritual stick” meeting last night and a man, with 8 years sobriety (recovery?), pulled the stick that had the word “authority” written on it.

    When he shared about authority, he was sharing how he hates cops and how he hates being told what to do by authority figures.

    Do we, at some point, make peace with these figures? Do we always hate the cops? I didn’t care much for them when I kept getting pulled over, but that was my fault. I assume they were trying to protect the public from me.

    Now that I don’t drink or drug, I have no reason to fear the cops or dislike them as I am not breaking any laws, and if I do, well then I guess it’s my fault again.

    There were a lot of newcomers at the meeting and I am wondering what it does to them to hear a man of 8 years sobriety hating on the cops like he did as if he were a newcomer himself. It sounded so much like “street” mentality.

    If love and tolerance is our code and we cease fighting anything or anyone, why is he hating the cops or any authority figure? is this an example of a man with sobriety only and not recovery?

    I have 75 days and don’t know much about this program, but it felt very strange listening to that last night, and I certainly don’t want to have that attitude about people who are in authority positions, especially when 8 years sober.

    I want some peaceful thoughts rolling around in my head – I am so tired of fighting and hating.

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