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    So yesterday was cinco de mayo and that OBVIOUSLY means you’re supposed to drink a fifth of vodka by yourself in two hours.

    I am a freakin idiot. But whatever that’s not the point of this post I just want people to know I realize how stupid I am…and I am also still probably a little drunk so…

    I can feel a hang over coming on and that CANNOT happen. I just chugged a bottle of water but I have a presentation at 9:30 and another HUGE like 50 percent of my grade presentation at 2:00….so no TIME for a hang over. I don’t normally get them bit I am pretty sure that it’s going to happen today and when I do get them they are bad… anything I can do to prevent it or make it less harsh after I already drank?

    Normally I try to drink water before I pass out but I was GONE last night so I didn’t do…and this post is probably a little ridiculous but I still have that post drunk I’ll say anything feeling you get when you wake up after a night of heavy drinking.

    I really just cant believe I was stupid enough to drink a fifth of vodka that quickly. I weigh like just barely over 100 pounds (wicked short though) so that was probably the stupidest thing I have ever done. It has the most I have ever drank when I was alone

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