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    Well, I get it now. Finally.
    I’m an alcoholic.
    Denial has been stripped away. There is NOTHING normal about my drinking. At all.

    After several car accidents, ruining every relationship I have ever had, almost losing custody of my son last fall, teenage daughter in rehab, new boyfriend almost dumping me because I drink too much, a stint in detox which ended with me right back in a bar the same night hmmmmmmmmm I get it. I’m a drunk.

    Called my aunt last night and asked her to stay with me for a few days so I can get a few days of sobriety under my belt without going away. I still may need to. I don’t know yet. I know nothing I did before worked. But, I also didn’t really try because I didn’t have a problem, um yeah right.

    I realize I am going to have to go to meetings too. I need support. I am an alcoholic.

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