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    Had a slip two weeks ago yesterday. I have been looking back at it since it happened, but my head is feeling much clearer now. To give a backdrop, I drank way too much that Tuesday night, which proceed into Wednesday and Thurs. I felt absolutey horriable (physicially, mentally, and emotionally after). Got in a huge arguement with my wife, was asked to leave to cool down. Ended up badly spraining my ankle afterwards and haven’t been able to run since. This is not good for me, since running is a huge stress outlet for me. I have managed to stay sober because I know my body will heal faster w/o alcohol. Today, my ankle feels nearly 100%, which makes me happy since I know I will be running again soon. I also realized I had a breakthrough. Normally, I would have drank until my foot felt better then put down the bottle and picked up running. Proud of myself for that. Baby steps will get me there!

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