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    Back in February i was able 2 stop Tramadol for a few weeks and felt great, ( i was on it for about 3 yrs and then i had a seizure 2 yrs ago which made me stop 4 a few months) although a few months back i felt very great and hopeful it was way too easy 4 me to get my hands on it again, i had a few dental surgeries which vicodin was automatically prescribed, and in the back of my head i knew i should say the change the rx but i didn’t. On Friday i took the last on the tramadol and on Saturday i had 2 vicodins left so i popped them, i never mixed. so since Sunday Ive had nothing, i dont know if this makes it better or worse but i have a week off from work, so sitting home is driving me nuts. on the other hand being at work and withdrawing is horrible but sitting at home makes me think about how much pain im in even more…i keep thinking back 2 the 1st time it was prescribed for me and i wish that i wouldn’t have taken it, like most tramadol addicts, i didnt want the addiction, just the pain relief, but i got 2 for the price of one. this sux. barely sleeping, cant brush my teeth w/o gagging, no matter how much i shower i feel dirty. worst part is i dont know if i had sum pills left, that i wouldnt take them!

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