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    It’s been a while since I’ve been on this site! And it’s been a while since I had a drink too. I’ve been sober since September 2nd and today is my 3 month birthday. I’m betting some of you remember me, I leaned A LOT on this site when I was first getting sober but eventually I learned I needed to start leaning more on people in my life/ AA where I could actually discuss things in person. I still go to meetings, and found a GREAT young peoples meeting near me, and reconnected with some old friends from high school both of who choose to live the sober life as well (Both are celebrating their three year mark in two weeks).

    I will graduate college this year. My grades are decent, not great but they’re okay. I’ve moved out of my parents house, which has been helpful for me.

    And the biggest news is I am pregnant. It’s not the greatest of circumstances. The Father is a guy I’ve been dating, he is a really great guy and 100 percent willing and able to be there for the baby and I, and really cares about me a lot, I do not yet return those feelings as I’m not at a point in my life where I am ready for a relationship/to be in love but we’re going to do the best we can. I’m only 6 weeks in so no one really knows yet but I am kind of excited. It wasn’t planned, we actually used a condom and I’m on the pill but hey…guess God had a different plan.

    Hope all is well with everyone here. I promise anyone who’s struggeling to get sober that you WILL get there. I NEVER thought I would and while my life is FAR from perfect, I am in a MUCH better place than I was when I was drinking. I’m learning to face my problems head on and to FEEL my feelings instead of numbing them. It isn’t always easy and sometimes it hurts but it’s the only way to get through them.

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