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    Just got back from a fishing trip week….and going on another in a day or two for a week. Last week was great, had fun and enjoyed it. But did have one time where it made me think……hmmmmmm

    I posted about this before I left, and took advice here and told the one guy on the trip no drinking at my place. Well he did well…..except for the last day. It ended up he & I at the cabin for 6 hrs and nothing nut beer/vodka in his hands at the cabin:wild

    I’m okay with the beer….but Vodka….ugh!

    Anyway….Week went by and I didnt drink at all. But that one night with him and the beer/vodka….I wished to hell I could join him. And I hate that I felt that way, but I did. I had a good time withouth drinking….but I did have those feelings when I seen that fifth of vodka.

    I know I did okay….but any advice for next time?


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