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    I’m not a rookie at the recovery process. September 9 2009, I had 5 years clean, and i mean clean no suboxone no methadone no nothing. Life was great. But as u can see i said had. I got injured at work and had to have major back surgery in october 2009. And even though i had my sponsor and and whole bunch of NA soldiers with me, I just started abusing the meds, and then right before christmas i decided it was a great idea to do dope again. Now that brings me 2 today, An ex girlfriend of mine who is in the recovery process 2, friday got me 2 suboxones. I used dope friday about 8 pm, and i took % 7.5 vicodin that i had. So saturday i wait i start felling sick so i take the sub about 8 mil. Now i woke up sunday feeling ok. Now ill be honest here i had 3 oxy 80’s so i took one sunday morning and night and beleive i felt nothing from them because of the sub blocking them out. I woke monday morning feeling ok , I even slept. So i took the last oxy, and again i felt nothing. That brings me to 2day, again i slept last night, i feel fine. I havent taking any sub. scince saturday. My thing is this, this is the easiest detox i have ever had. I dont even really feel deppressed. Wich i hate that part. Now i know from past i have taking sub, for like 3 days thinking this is great and the detox hit me that next day. Now i did start tapering my dope intake the 3 weeks i used it. So hers my questing has anybody ever had a detox so easy? Because im sitting here waiting for the doom and gloom to set in. I keep praying for this ok feeling to last. Could use some feed back.

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