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    How many here had a really chaotic childhood?

    I know it’s part of the reason why I was drinking.

    Growing up, my mother was always a distant, abusive, neglectful person. She did nothing but run the bars, bring strange men in the home and rage on me everyday. I really can’t remember one happy evening I had when I came home. I don’t think she was an alcoholic as I never saw her drunk and have never seen her be able to drink very much, I think she was a very depressed, selfish person with a personality problem.

    To make matters worse, our relationship has finally ended this year. Her lack of connection with me is no different than when I was a child. And that’s a hard pill for me to swallow.

    I don’t know how I’m going to keep not drinking.

    How do you get over something like that? This is who she is and it will never change. How do you deal with it?

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