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    Things seem very hard right now. A little background on me: I’m a problem drinker, have been for years, but don’t have the physical cravings so I’m lucky there. I have been getting hangovers much more often recently and have become a mean, angry, or sad drunk. Now that I’ve finally made the decision to stop drinking, I feel optimistic because I know it will be good for me but I’m also scared for obvious reasons. I told my boyfriend that I’m doing this and I need his support and he said I have his support, but he also said he’s worried this will cause problems for us on the weekends because we usually go out to bars together. I said that I’ll still go to bars sometimes but not drink, but right now I really don’t want to be there. I think he is a problem drinker too and he says he wants to cut back but I’m not pressuring him. I’m hoping that once he sees me having success it will give him a push. I’m nervous about how this is going to effect us as a couple, worried about the holidays and what to do without drinking, and also my 30th birthday coming up. Also my dog is sick and they don’t know what’s wrong yet and I’ve been crying off and on at work all morning worrying about her. I lost a dog a few years ago and I’m so scared of losing this one too. I feel very overwhelmed with everything.

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