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    I just want to say a big thank you to all the posts everyone made, just reading them whilst craving hardcore completely takes my mind off it it more than anything.

    I abused MDMA (ecstasy) for 2 years preety much every weekend (and weekdays) with multiple doses and most of the time I feel like i FRIED my brain hardcore but I am hopeful with abstained use my brain will heal. The brain is a very powerful thing

    12 Step National Meetings helped me get through one more day which is one more day closer to “normal” life i hope to (WILL) achieve. This is the longest i have gone without relapsing (3 weeks) You might not think its much but its a huge step for me and it feels great at the end of every night i can think to myself wow i kicked addictions arse for another day.

    Cravings really can be a strong thing to beat but really if you give in your only effing your life up more, wasting more money, ruining frienships/relationships and mental/physical wellbeing just like i have done so please I urge all of us addicts to stay strong and to just say NO!

    Find any possible way to take your mind off it. Its really the only thing that works in my experiences.


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