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    I has been a bit since I was here. I have been generally doing very well. I am in the mist of a little bout of the blues… I am physically wiped out. I have no energy… the intense craving for alcohol I had in the preceding week have passed.

    I don’t want to drink… I don’t want to do anything. I don’t want to work. The only thing I have any energy to do is go to an AA meeting… I missed my last 2 home groups and haven’t been to a meeting a 3 weeks… I know if I go it will get me out of myself and I will feel better… I can’t go tonight so I thought I would pop in here…

    Hello… just me trying to live life on life’s terms… doing the best I can… and grateful I am sober.

    No real point to this post just a hello and acceptance that it isn’t all peaches and cream… I have to take the bad with the good…and this morning hasn’t been good… This too shall pass…

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