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    Just sitting here on a lonely but calm Sat, the eve before my 1st week sober, reading the posts from my new friends on 12 Step National Meetings. I wanted to share a ridiculus habit I used to have.

    When I am not working on the road, I am at home and “on vacation”, therefore, I got to drink everyday.

    Edit – When I am not at home, I would drink then as well, but becasue I was lonely, or had job stress, or a sore back, or it was a business function, or it was hump day, etc, etc..

    I used to have my inside beer and my outside beer. The difference? The inside one I would sip slowly and make last maybe 30 – 45 mins. I would have about 3 – 4 of the inside beers a day. Every 30 – 45 mins I would also head out to the garrage for a cigarette. I’d leave my inside beer beside my inside chair and sit down in the smoking chair, light up and have about half my cig. As is customary, cigarettes cause me to thirst, so I’d grab a beer from the small fridge I have out there and chug it. I could have an entire bottle done in about 3 long swallows, roughly 20 seconds. I’d then hide the bottle in one of the always partially full cases I keep to ensure a consistant count cannot be made. On average, I’d likely have 8-9 beers a day, plus a strong rum and coke, maybe half bottle of cabernet as well.

    I can’t believe that I could tell myself that was an acceptable ammount to drink, that I was just like everyone else.

    ALmost day 7, feeling great. Day 7 will also be 3 weeks without cigarettes, which is equally as awesome. Plus I started working out again, I am huge.


    One more edit…out of curiosity, did anyone else ever get to a point that no matter how much they drank, there would be no hangover? AT least not like the first days of drinking, just a crappy feeling, but no headache, sickness, etc?

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