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    Before you complain about how bad things are, take a few moments to make them better. Before you consider the day to be wasted, spend some time and effort to bring it real value.

    Before you allow frustration to consume you, step back and put things in perspective. Then take a deep breath and choose to move forward with a peaceful, more effective approach.

    Before you begin to fret about your own troubles, give your help to another. When you give of yourself, you’ll discover resources and abilities you never before knew you had.

    Before you give yourself over to anger, take time to listen and to understand. Before you lash out and tear down, look instead for ways to build bridges and create value.

    Before you sink into the depths of self pity, see if you can find something to laugh about. When you avoid taking yourself too seriously, many more opportunities can open up to you.

    Before you say or do something you know you’ll regret, remind yourself of your highest purpose and vision. Before you take the next step, look where you’re going, and choose the path that you know is best.

    — Ralph Marston

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