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    Hi Everyone,

    Im Meg. Ive been taking around 32 OTC Nurofen Plus everyday now for the past six months or so. I guess it all started when I was prescribed co-cocodamol 30/500 by my doctor for sciatica. A while after that my boyfriend split with me and I started using the codeine to cope with the emotional pain, after a while I found it was taking over my life, before I knew it I was taking it everyday and behaving like an addict. Lying to friends and family about my using and going to as many different pharmacies as possible to stop the chemists there from calling me up on it. I finally realize I had a problem and went to my doctor who prescribed a weeks course of diazepam to ease withdrawal. That was 2 days ago. Right now I’m lying in my bed and I haven’t been able to stop crying and I have these blinding headaches. I know a lot of you will have been through the same stuff and I just want to know, how long this is going to last? I just need some support.

    Thankyou in anticipation…

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