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    Well, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to stop drinking, for the thousandth time.

    What I do is drink on Fri-Sat nights only (unless there is a holiday where I am off work) but I put down a whole 5th of scotch.

    Obviously, this is a large amount for one person at a time.

    What I don’t (and never have) do is wake up to a drink, go to work drunk (although I did, once in the 1990s by mistake – all nighter & didn’t know I had to work the next day).

    Anyhow, I am 260 pounds, type 2 diabetic, and eat like a horse when I drink & then eat like a horse the next day to kill the hangover.

    I despise AA, because they can’t seem to function without religion (at least around here). Last time I went to a meeting, this woman, thinking she was cute, kept getting me to say the prayer. After 2-3 times of her doing this, I quit going. I am not religious and it just made my skin crawl to do it. I suppose I should have just said so, but the cult-like way these folks were, I just stopped.

    Is there a difference between a person that wants to stop & can’t and a person that needs to stop & doesn’t want to? I am the latter…

    It would be different if I didn’t eat uncontrollably when drinking & the next day(s).

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