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    Hi, All–

    I’d played with them previous to being prescribed them in the late 80s, and can say, over 20 years later, that they were initially very helpful, but in the end, two cold-turkey detoxes later, benzos have damaged my life, and most likely, my brain as well.

    I live in an area where opiates and crack are the major substances dealt with in NA. I’m basically a nobody who has futzed up everything with speed, benzos, and the common denominator alcohol, and have some MH issues, but opiate and crack-related problems, and those who have them, don’t have much in common with me.

    Not better; simply different.

    I need to go off these benzos, but my doctor is pushing a klonopin taper that is going poorly, given my situation. I am at a homeless shelter for women, many of whom are dual-diagnosis, as am I. Doc refuses to bump me back up to 1 mg/day, despite my descriptions of the nonstop chaos that goes on there. Get a bunch of crazy, down-on-their-luck females in one building, and ****’s gonna kick off non-stop. I’ve never been in prison proper, but I see a lot of the dynamics that TV and fiction have instilled in my consciousness:protector and ‘bitch’; little gangs comprised of lesbians and young girls–no idea what’s going on there, but there is drama, and the drama is loud; haters and hatees, and so it goes. Can’t practise the basics of any kind of programme in there–readings, meditation, writing on readings, prayer. I’m not a hard-core stepper or bookthumper, but I do seek serenity in this situation and it is not coming. ‘Specially with the benzos at such a low dose.

    Would like to correspond w/ ppl who have benzo issues.



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