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    OK…. so i havent shared this at all with anyone, so im gonna put it out there right now. I need to tell my sponsor, but of course….. i havent yet… I have made a huge mistake… I am still clean and sober and will have 2 years on the 1st of april, but im not acting like a clean and sober individual. I am acting like the addict i am when im high… So… my girlfriend now of a 18 months(yes got in a relationship waaaay to early) has a child with another guy. When they were together, he cheated on her with this girl (cindy)that he is now married to. My girlfreind has a great relationship with this cindy now. They ended up being best friends. Its kinda weird, but she says it mainly for her son. Anyways… I started talking to the cindy one day through text to set up picking my gf son up and suprising her. Then like a week later she had to email me something for my gf. Well, i dont know what the heck happened, but we ended up emailing, then texting, then talking on the phone and instant messaging everyday. And then yes…. we met up a few weeks ago for a few hours. we didnt sleep together, but kissed and all that stuff. i told my gf that i was going to a meeting that night. i lied, i cant believe i did this.. almost 2 years sober and i am still capable of doing this crap. This is a married woman that has already broken my gf’s heart by stealing her childs father away and marring him.i cant believe it. like what the hell is wrong with me? im not one to cheat even in the past, and i cheated on this girl that i supposedly love and say im gonna marry. well, there more to it, but it would take forever to explain. just wanted to put it out there, cause this is what my addict is capable of, even without drugs or alcohol.

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