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    Hello everyone. First time poster here. I’m here because I have a problem. I binge drink every time I get a chance to drink, whether it be social events, football games or going to the local bar to see friends every 4-6 weeks. I dont drink every day, I dont even think about drinking every day. To be honest, it feels like I NEED to drink every now and then just to do so.

    Yesterday, after shopping with my wife for a few hours, I decided to stop down at the bar because I hadnt seen any of my friends for several weeks. I left the house at 4:00 in the afternoon and didnt get home until around 1AM. I got plastered, I got into a small altercation that got me kicked out of the very bar that I have been frequenting for the last few years. I spent money that I needed to use for Christmas gifts, I just really screwed up and now I am dealing with the depression that I get the next day after a binge.

    I want to stop. I always want to stop. And then after a day or so of feeling better, I’m back to believing that everyone does it and so I am just normal. I will go for a couple of weeks without a drink and then hit it hard for a day.

    I went to AA a couple of years ago. I didnt feel like I belonged there because everyone was talking about their daily drinking habits. I felt stupid when I told them I only drink once or twice a month. I think I went to 3 sessions.

    I want to quit this. I have a family now and a general feeling of the need to finally grow up.

    Thanks for listening and I am welcoming any advice or thoughts.


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