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    Last time I posted here was four years ago, then I was doing around three bottles of wine a day between 5pm and 10pm. Still somehow managing work the next day at 8am.

    In the meantime I’ve had spells of a month off here, three weeks there, but every time it was all about purging to get myself back into shape for the next session.

    I’ve come back as I just had a six day bender that reminded me of my old ways. What was the most galling was I was out with lots of friends on the sixth day and must have looked terrible and barely even wanted to be there – just drink (which it gave me an excuse to do), and yet I won’t see them for six months.

    So now I have a few weeks of returning to eating healthily, getting to the gym, undoing all the damage that bender did but still knowing I’m going to do it all again at the start of October. I time all my benders now so they don’t impact on work in terms of hangovers/withdrawal.

    I’m just wondering if anyone else has/had this sort of drinking – several day benders followed by a couple of weeks off. I’m not sure myself even yet if it’s somthing I want to change – I feel going to the gym and eating healthily loses its allure a couple of weeks after the bender, and then it’s back to square one. A lot of my drinking goes on because I find it very hard to socialise and make friends without it. I think one of the problems a lot of us get is our social circle becomes dominated by drinkers, so you have to become a loner initially while also fighting the disease?

    Sorry, a bit of a ramble..

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