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    AH has been a shocking drinker for 30yrs – 15 per day.

    Since I became ill nearly a month ago, AH has made a real effort with drinking. He’s stopped drinking through the week and only has 1 case of ight beer on the weekend. (fine by me)

    Its not giving up, but its already made a HUGE difference to our family life, AH and our 22yr old son are actually enjoying each other company, and no-one is in a hurry to get away from him.

    During this time he has said that he doesn’t want a fuss and he doesn’t want to talk about it. The only thing he has said is that he feels better of a morning and his head feels clearer.

    He is definately appears much happier, his complexion is clearer, has lost some weight, and is also enjoying socialising.

    Its such an unbelievable turn-around, because he had turned into such a depressing, miserable drunk.

    My question is this, Is there anyone out there who has experienced this type of dramatic change, and been able to maintain it , without AA’s or Professional help.

    My guess is that he must have been thinking about cutting down for sometime.

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