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    I can’t believe it! Four years ago, when I started drinking alot…my blood pressure shot up to 202/169 at one point. The doctor didnt understand why I hadnt had a stroke…….the doctors didnt know I was drinking either and couldnt figure out the problem. I have been on meds since then and have never seen my blood pressure lower than 130/90 in these four years. During the last year, I drank weekends only but it still wouldnt go down. So I go to the doctor today and he takes my blood pressure and after 15 days sober…….120/80……I couldnt believe it!……..If that’s isnt motivation….I dont know what is!! I had to share this because it made me very happy. I can’t believe in just 15 short days……my blood pressure is finally back where it should be. HAPPY MONDAY!!

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