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    Ok.. Maybe I’m hormonal, or just emotional for whatever reason. When I was going to write this, I got myself all worked up and would have probably said stuff that wasn’t clear or necessary. My question is, those of you who remember first coming here, did you ever get to a place where it was too much to read? What I mean.. It’s really really really hard for me to read (I really don’t want to offend ANYONE, I’m just being honest) about when people relapse, or when people write here while drinking at the same time, or write here as an active drinker with questions about if they are an alcoholic or not. I KNOW this is my alky brain talking, and I’m only on day 16. Sometimes I read posts and say to myself “that is so unfair! I’m trying SO hard! How dare they!”, and remind myself gently that I am living for myself, and this is MY journey etc. I guess my question is rhetorical. My husband went out with his buddies tonight, I’m alone at home for the first time since the hospital, so I know I’m kind of on overload emotionally, and on edge.

    Please don’t get me wrong, I would never ever want people ‘not’ to post, if they were to fall in the categories I’m finding make me very uncomfortable, and that’s why maybe stepping away from 12 Step National Meetings for a while, til I’m stronger is good? Geesh I don’t know.. please give me a thought or two. Am I just being silly?

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