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    Of course I quit drinking at the start of football season lol.. and the first season that we have season tix. I started getting nervous about the game today, it’s such old hat to order beers during the game. The more I thought of it, though.. when I would, I never caught a buzz.. had to run to the restroom so often I thought my fellow “row” mates would kill me for making them get up, and I ate crappy stadium food to chase the watered down Coors Light. Gross!

    So here’s the conundrum.. My husband drinks. He hasn’t since my sober date, to support me, however at some point, he will, he only drinks in moderation, and only at such events or out with “the guys” maybe once every few weeks. I know that if I said it would bother me, he wouldn’t have a beer today, but… at some point, I am going to need to be ok sitting with him, and his beer, and my sobriety.

    When we went out for dinner on our anniversary, he ordered an O’Douls.. and even though it’s N/A, it kind of helped show me how ok I am (I think!?) sitting with him and his beer. The visual.. looked like a beer, I’m sure it smelled like a beer, he never gets drunk so that wasn’t a factor anyways..

    Should I be cool with him having a beer or 2 at the game? He’s also anxious to hang out with his buddies and watch football with them, and likely have a beer or 2, but is graciously abstaining for my benefit.


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