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    I’m the adult child of an alcoholic. Mom’s been off alcohol for 5 years. My father passed away two years ago. My question is about medications. Mom takes tamazepam in order to sleep and I think has been taking that every night for at least 10 years. This one troubles me. In addition, she takes an arthritis med and heart/blood pressure meds.

    Today’s question is about this: Yesterday, I learned that Mom’s doc has been prescribing Hydrocodone for her Fibromyalgia pain. Big red flag for me. She’s been drinking on and off for 40 of my 46 years, so I know her ways pretty well. She insists that her doctor knows her history with alcohol.

    I remember when she had open heart surgery and her two knee replacements, my father kept meticulous track of her narcotic pain meds. When I was a kid she had a Valium problem and did the various doctors/various prescriptions method to stay on it for a few years.

    Is it possible for some addicted to alcohol to use Hydrocodone safely?

    Acoa with questions

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