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    Hi, I hope it’s ok if I post here. My husband is an alcoholic how has recently done a inpatient detox. Since then I know he has drank a couple of times. This seems to happen roughly weekly. I don’t really understand how he would be able to go for a week without drinking, get drunk and then go another week without drinking. I’m starting to feel that he is more likely to be drinking most days but not usually enough to get noticeably drunk.

    He’s also on Camperal, but he isn’t taking it as often as he should. He often doesn’t take a days supply into work with him and those tend to be the days he gets drunk.

    I’m just very tired of this. If he is genuinely working on his recovery I can deal with him slipping up at times. But if he’s drinking all of the time I need to move out. I know if he’s drinking everyday it will become obvious sooner or later, but I guess I just need to prepare myself.

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