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    For the past week, I’ve really wanted to go to a meeting. I’d feel more comfortable going to a GLBT (gay,lesbian,bisexual,trans) meeting because I’m a gay guy.

    I want to go to a Narcotics Annoymous meeting where there will be gay people. Even though I can relate to straight people, I think I might better relate and feel more comfortable with gay people with this subject, at least for now.

    But- all the NA groups around here are mainly straight ones. Not saying that they don’t allow gay people, but there aren’t any NA meetings that have the “G” next to it.

    There is one NA meeting with the G but that’s in Boston and I’d have to drive 1 hour to get there and my car isn’t that reliable and I don’t know Boston verywell so I’d end up getting lost.

    So, if I go to an AA meeting that is designated as “G’ (gay), and if they find out that I’m not an alcoholic but actually a drug addict, will they yell at me and make me leave? I am really nervous about going to any AA NA meetings as I never went before (except one time when I took a chemical dependancy class in college, and the professor was an Alcoholic and we went to one as a group). I’m even more nervous about going to an AA meeting and getting yelled at or ridiculed because my drug of choice isn’t alcohol. Should I lie and say that I’m an alcoholic??

    I’ve been going to outpatiend treatment for almost 5 weeks. I’ve been clean from drugs for 7 days, I had 2 relapses. One on coke and one on another type of medication. I want to stay clean and away from drugs. I haven’t touched my “drug of choice or drug of abuse” since Aug 28, 2009.

    I read a few websites and i saw the forums and some people said that drug addicts aren’t welcome to AA because they aren’t alcoholics. In a way I am an alcoholic too because a few years ago I had a drinking problem but that’s not my main problem, it’s narcotics, heroin, pain pills, coke and dilluadid and any other substance that makes me feel good.


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