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    Hey. I am 7 days sober now. i have been doing better lately. every one has been saying so, my husband, and family. they say it looks like i’m pulling myself together and keeping my emotions in check. the last time i drank i didn’t even get drunk drunk, just had a couple drinks with my friends, and i tried to just sip at my drink. i know that know one believes that i can learn to be a moderate drinker, but i just am so determined. my goal is to be able to go weeks with out drinking, but still be able to have a glass of wine occasionally with dinner or while watching a good movie or something. i enjoy my wine. what’s wrong with one glass once a week or so if i can honestly keep it in check. yes, i’m an alcoholic, but if i can learn to control it, like say i only drink my glass or two of wine once a week, and only get drunk drunk once a month or so, is that really so bad? please don’t be judgemental.

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