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    hey. I just had my baby about a week ago. i now have two kids. who i love so much. I can’t believe how much i love them. they are my whole world. but i’m still worried about my alcoholism. My new born and daughter are with my MiL for the night, cuz i’m still recovering from my c section. I’m in a lot of pain. and tonight, I have been drinking some vodka. I feel really bad and guilty. I don’t want to do this. i want to be a good mother to my children and sober. I have this idea in my head where I can moderate my drinking. i have had a few drinks to drink tonight, and am getting drunk i guess. do you think its possible I could moderate the drinking, or am I just wishful thinking. my kids mean every thing to me. but i don’t want to stop drinking completely unless i have to. what do you think. my husband is giving me one last chance to control my drinking, before I have to stop it altogether.

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