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    The biggest opportunities don’t announce themselves with trumpets and bright lights. They hide quietly, waiting for those who have the vision to see them and the commitment to follow them.

    Life’s most valuable opportunities are completely invisible to people who seek instant gratification. Those opportunities wait patiently for someone who is persistent enough and motivated enough to give them the time and devotion they deserve.

    A person who has no concern or respect for others has no way of connecting to the most worthwhile opportunities. For the most grand and valuable opportunities are, at their heart, opportunities to serve and to create value for others.

    The best opportunities cannot be seen by the person who demands a sure thing, or who expects to reap large rewards with little effort. Because the best opportunities derive their value from the risk and effort necessary to bring them to fruition.

    The most valuable opportunities are often overlooked because they first appear much smaller than most people expect. Yet they are easily spotted by those who understand that seeing the opportunity is just the beginning.
    The biggest opportunities are hidden in the smallest moments. See them, understand them, make use of them, and they can lift you to incredible heights.

    — Ralph Marston

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