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    So I’m around 2 weeks sober and the initial withdrawals and complete insomnia are over. I’ve never slept well but am still having real problems right now.

    Any sleep I do get is not good and I am exhausted all the time. I look awful, so tired, grouchy, I feel under the weather and almost hungover in the morning. I’m finding every day more of a struggle than usual because of all this.

    I currently take 100mg quatiapine for sleep that I have been taking for years but it just seems to make me even more vacant. I do meditation, yoga, relaxation exercises but nothing seems to help. I know about PAWS so maybe its just that.

    I don’t know, should I go to my doctor maybe? I’m just soooo tirrrrrrrrred I can barely function and being this tired makes me want to drink (hmmm what doesn’t) :gaah

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