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    So my ex had a messy breakup recently and I haven’t spoken to her on the phone or in person in the last 2 and a half years since we broke up.

    I’ve been sober 50 days and I found out today that my best friend and my ex have been talking and went out socially on one occassion during this time I was sober and this is the first time I have got out and felt comfortable socialising again and he tells me this. I didn’t tell my friend I was uncomfortable with it and I think it is plain obvious he shouldn’t be doing this to me.

    She has made it clear to me that she is not interested in me and that is fine with me. We had a relationship of over 6 years and has many more friends than me and it really annoys me that she is hanging out with my married best friend.

    They plan to go out again next month and there is nothing sexual in it and just wonder why she is getting reconnected with my friends. I don’t get it…. any suggestions or thoughts are welcome as I have noone to talk to about this.

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