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    Well that’s the name of today’s group ( I go to out-patient lite, interviewed for O-P heavy stay tuned for updates) anyway today’s group is really one of the best the TC has to offer IMHO. I say that because of the “comraderie” in the group. Obviously we all have one thing in common, and that is crack, well one powderpuff but he’s alright. We are all very out spoken, open and honest. Actually some would say to a fault. One or two seem to be bragging when they admit to a “relapse”( and there’s a topic for this forum)
    Anyway if your a crackhead or former crackhead and have any insights or ideas that I might be able to bring with me to group I would appretiate the input. The facilitor is not always prepared, and I have brought in some stuff from the web, which if you follow any of my threads, results in vigorous discussions. Fortunately in a live setting, body langauge goes a long way.
    Just thought I’d ask.

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