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    Hello Everybody,

    I recently was think about addictions. I had some people stop buy that haven’t been to successful at recovery. That being said listening to them I realized something so I figured I would share it. This is just personal experiance and a specific person so please take no offence if it doesn’t qualify for you.

    Addicted people have really short term goals. How am I going to get another fix. Modivated addicts tend to me more along the lines of were am I going to get my next fix and how am I going to make sure I don’t need to ask myself were am I going to get my next fix.

    Its hard not to notice that in either of these situations you are still only looking far enough ahead to your next paycheque at best and right now as a worse case.

    Its almost like watched a hamster in a hamster wheel. They are going as fast as they can. Going around and around chasing the same thing. But deep down in side they still know they are in a jail cell.

    The worse part is people start decorating there cell by lying and telling me about how wonderful everything is and you know what they almost have themselves convinced that they are doing good. But if you ask anyone of them whats your plan in 5 years they all look at you like 5 years will never happen. They are still worred about tommorow.

    When you start decorating your cell its when you have conceded and are fully aware that you aren’t leaving anytime soon, even if you try. You need to decorate your new world of freedom and not pine over your old cell to be happy.

    When I quit I lived in the same place for about a month. After comming home each day to a horrible appartment covered in beerstains and cigarette burns I was like thats it I have more money now I am moving up and dedicated my time to moving forward not backwards and more then a year has gone by and I never look at my old dingy appartment and think I can’t wait to get back there. Its just a reminder of why I keep going forward.

    Hope that helps a bit, sorry if I offended anybody.


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