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    How hard is it for you to stay centered and grounded in your daily affairs? Have you ever noticed that some people seem to have an aura about them, call it down to earth, easygoing, together….. they seem to roll with the flow and not come unglued when things go wrong. They radiate a quality that disarms peoples defenses, you just feel comfortable and at ease around them. The polar opposite of that would be the psychic and emotional vampires, we’ve all known those.

    I started the meditation and some other self help/discovery stuff a little while ago and thought I was on my way to joining the centered-grounded group. Got up this morning and one of my cats knocked my cup of coffee over which spilled all over my keyboard. (they don’t work that well full of liquids) I then went out to mow my lawn and ot course the lawnmower was out of gas and the gas can was empty. Put the can in my jeep to get gas, turn the key and it goes click, click, click (turns out some idiot….me, went shopping the night before and forgot to turn the interior lights off).

    Now, this was beyond trivial stuff yet I felt a psychic change creeping into my brain. I had to stop take a minute, reboot, get recentered and go on with the day. Believe it or not that psychic change in the past was usually all it took to decide that a few drinks might not be a bad idea. Seems that attaining a healthy state of mind is only half the battle, maintaining it on a daily basis is the other half. Do you guys have to recenter yourself on a daily basis or do you just stay awesome all the time?

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