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    She’s so timid and fragile….I never saw her get out…I have no idea when it happened….this SUCKS!! I was told by my cousin yesterday that my Grandmother died on Saturday, and she oh-so-casually slips in a line about her Mother always making sure we all kept in touch, but now that she’s gone, my cousin has sort of taken over….WHAT?? I incredulously asked what happened with her Mom (my Aunt)..and she DIED IN MAY! WTH?? No one told me…it makes my heart hurt. I would have been there if I had known.

    At midnight I went all around my neighborhood calling for my kitty….for an hour I walked alone in the rain. Now I can’t sleep and I hurt everywhere. It put me BACK into the wd symptoms. I’m gonna go cry some more and try to fall asleep…it’s almost 5am…how can I sleep when I know she is out there somewhere, scared and all alone…..dammit.

    Bad things happen in 3’s…

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