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    I work in a profession where it’s kind of customary that people give me gifts for the holidays. Today I got a lovely, thankful note along with a bottle of wine. I thanked the folks, waited til they were gone and immediately gave it to my coworker (who knows that I am an alkie). “You’re going to have to take this home with you”, I told her.

    I am still thinking about it hours later; not about drinking it but about where it would be right now if I hadn’t given it away immediately. Like, I could have brought it home and given it to my husband or a neighbor etc.. But there’s always that chance that wine would never have made it into the hands of my husband or my neighbor. Knowing my track record, it would have found itself a great hiding space somewhere in my house, then past my lips and into my body at the soonest opportunity.

    The fact that I am giving this more brainspace in my head is even a little irksome. Hopefully this post will help me let it go; kind of like getting rid of a song stuck in my head by singing it out loud.

    Thanks for letting me share this here.

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