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    I know I’m two days premature so forgive me, but This weekend will be 30 days for me!

    I’m felling much more secure this time because I’m actually doing something rather than just hoping for sobriety. I’ve been going to CR meetings twice a week, and went to a couple AA meetings this past week as well. I started the CR meetings because I didnt want to go back to AA, but funny thing is since I started CR meetings I decided to give AA meetings a try again this week, so it’s all working together somewhat now. Have a “temp” sponsor for the first time in years. He’s only a Temp sponsor till I find a regular sponsor but it’s better than nothing for the time being.

    Anyway just wanted to share my happiness. Still taking it one day at a time…but I admit, I’m looking ahead a bit to Saterday which is 30 days!


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