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    Hi all:

    How many addicts out there that are on the clean road to recovery now have/are experienced the acknowlegement of just how far their life had turned towards the worst for their drug use where their living space is concerned?

    For the past week. I’ve been doing nothing but cleaning. I’m really blown away from the clutter of everything collected all over the house. My kitchen island is no longer visible, as well as the kitchen table. I have found stuff buried amongst the clutter, I had forgotten I bought. I found a $20.00 gift card for walmart in an envelope from back in December I got for Christmas. How wild is that?

    While on the opiates. I’d look at the mess and think to myself! Man this needs to be cleaned up. I’ll take a pill for energy and start on it, right after the pill takes effect. WRONG!! I’d end up in front of the TV bombed out.

    How many out there have done exactly what I’ve done on the opiates? And now are having to clean it all up?

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