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    first thread so you’ll have to bare with me……….
    two months into sobriety i couldnt get my head into this god thing so i went round to all the churchs i could find, presbitirian, prodistant, church of england, i just sat there not being able to comprehend it at all. eventually on palm sunday i walked into a catholic church my head was in bits and i just sat at the back in tears while i watched people going up the front to the priest giving out bread and blessings, he was in his full costume, pointed hat,staff,guilded gown. i decided to join the queue of people i was last to recieve the bread and i went and sat back down untill the end. when i was leaving there was the priest at the door saying goodbye to every one, i tryed to slip out but he grabbed me and asked what i was doing here ? i said, im trying to find a higher power, he grabbed my hand and said you might not find it here. i left feeling ‘ what just happened there?. his comment stayed with me for the next couple of days while i still struggled with the concept of god.
    five days later on the friday i was in a supermarket buying tea, coffee and biscuits for the commitment i had on a friday AA mtg. next to me was the priest buying tea and coffee, i looked at him and said”what are you doing have you got a commitment? yes he said didnt you realize. i was blown away by this, he then said to me what ever has kept you alive all these years and stopped you going to prison for life is your higher power, it has”nt been lost , you have !! you”ll find it within you, its that voice that says something is wrong dont do it……… now i pray everyday and have an ever loving presence in my life that has restored me to sanity and relieved me of the obsession to drink and use. co-incidence or god-incidence `?:praying

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