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    I’ve read a lot of the posts on here about people wanting to quit and trying to quit. I guess I’m no different from the countless posts asking questions, but I do feel different. I know that I want to quit, but I keep failing. My life is not in shambles, but my relationship is starting to suffer because my girlfriend is becoming frustrated with my promises to quit. For the record, I’ve been using about three years.

    My thing is that I feel like I want to quit, yet I give in so easily and it seems like I”m not even trying. I’ve noticed a pattern with myself. For whatever reason, I’ll go on a everyday/every other day binge for a week and start to feel like a loser and tell myself I want to quit. My problem is actually taking a stand to quit. I always seem to tell myself that I”m going to quit on Monday regardless of the day I feel I’m done with this crap. I have a one friend who I get high with and I told him just last night, that we’ve said this is going to be our last day at least 1000 times it feels like. In the end we’re back to the same old routine. I’ve always been a strong willed person and can’t figure out why I seem to be defenseless with this stuff.

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